Single Color Image API

Check out the documentation or use the demo.

Quick example


Returns this:

Example result image

Detailed docs

The API is simple. It takes two arguments:

  1. A 6-digit hex color, like ff85a9 or 41427a. These can be uppercase or lowercase but must be 6 hex digits.
  2. A width and a height in pixels, like 200 by 300. Maximum dimensions are 5000 by 5000; please request larger sizes if you need them.

Then, load the URL like this:{{hex digits}}/{{width}}x{{height}}

This will return a PNG image. If you make a bad API call (improper formatting, image too large, etc), you will get a JSON response with a 400 error.

You will be rate-limited to 1000 requests per IP per hour, after which you'll start getting 429 errors and JSON responses with "rate limit exceeded". You can request higher caps if you need.

All JSON error responses look something like this:

{"error":"bad API call"}


All API responses (images and JSON) are free license and released into the public domain.